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Why Choose Lander?

When it comes to choosing a dental practice for general check-ups or indeed for specialist treatment, it can be difficult to know what to look for. With practices scattered all around the county, there are so many options when it comes to your dental care. Here at Lander, we’d like to outline why we think…



Oral Surgery Specialists Reveal Long-Term Dangers of Delaying Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Provo, Utah (April 15, 2014) – For many people, maintaining regular dental visits without the urgency of a major issue or severe pain forcing them in is oftentimes difficult due to busy schedules, or the cost and anxiety associated with oral procedures. However, neglecting necessary oral work over time can lead to irreversible long-term damage…

Prevent Gum Disease with These Simple Steps

Gum disease is a progressive oral health condition that can compromise your smile. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease typically starts out with minor symptoms. If ignored, these symptoms can get worse over time and even cause the need for tooth extractions. While some people are predisposed to develop gum disease based on genetics…

Can Computer-Assisted Relaxation Learning Combat Dental Fear?

We’ve come a long way in terms of technological advances. Automation runs most of the things we know. We no longer have to slave away at the most mundane tasks; instead, they’ve been delegated to complex programs and machines that do it for us. But while technology’s a norm in our daily lives, some advances…

8 Things You Need to Know About Dental Implants

If you’ve long lived with missing teeth and never done anything about it because you dreaded the idea of dentures, it’s time to get to know dental implants. This wonderful dental restoration completes your smile so your mouth looks, feels, and works better than ever. Here are just eight things you need to know about…

Traditional Dental X-Rays vs Digital X-Rays: Is One Better?

X-rays have been an essential part of dentistry for decades. Taking these images allows dentists to accurately diagnose and treat problems. Without them, it would be impossible for our Ventura dentist to see inside of and between your teeth, both of which are areas not visible during your routine dental exam. The mid 1980’s saw…

Top Eight Dental Crown Questions Everyone Wants to Know

Crowns (sometimes called “caps”) are full-coverage restorations that cover your entire tooth. While quite common, we hear a lot of dental crown questions. Here are some top FAQ for our Ventura patients. 1. Why do I have to get a crown? Can’t I just get a filling? Fillings are smaller restorations that go inside of…

Our Tooth-Friendly Ideas for Summer Parties

Block parties and summer gatherings can make it difficult to maintain optimal dental health for our children. It’s the season of chips, barbeque sauce, popsicles and smores. While we’re certainly not trying to be party poopers, we do have some recommendations to help your teeth stay healthy and white while you enjoy the party. We…

Tongue Ties: What Parents Need to Know

Does your baby have trouble nursing? Are you noticing symptoms of discomfort when feeding your infant? These issues are the first signs of tongue tie or an abnormal frenulum. Tongue ties, thankfully, are treatable with myKIDSdds, Dallas’ top children’s dentistry. Our tongue tie procedure is simple, quick, and comes with very few side effects. For…

What is Patient-Centered Dental Care?

What is your perception of the patient-dentist relationship? Would you describe it as one-sided? In other words, the dentist examines the patient’s teeth, chooses the course of treatment, and performs the procedure-while the patient is a minor participant. It Starts With The Atmosphere At Weston Spencer DDS – Conservative Comprehensive Dentistry, we don’t do things…

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The other form of doctor’s gown is the undress gown. A doctor of philosophy of the University of Oxford, in full academic dress. As such, suppliers of academic dress produce gowns in many different sizes to fit persons of different heights. Gowns are not generally used except dds the rector as a symbol of office,…

SmileDirectClub to Sell Aligners Direct to Orthodontists and Dentists

SmileDirectClub, the direct-to-consumer aligner company, announced that it will start selling its aligners directly to dentists and orthodontists through its wholesale channel. This comes on the heels of the expiration of the company’s exclusive supply agreement with Align Technology, which expired on December 31, 2019.  “We have seen increasing demand from the dentists and orthodontists…

What is a Deep Bite?

Patients seeking orthodontic treatment rarely report a “deep bite” or “overbite” as their primary concern. Typically, they are more concerned about crowding or crooked teeth. Many are surprised when their orthodontist explains the need to “open” their bite or “level” their lower arch. A deep bite is a malocclusion in which the upper front teeth excessively overlap…

Full Mouth Dental Implants

What are full Mouth Dental Implants If you find yourself seeking a dental solution for missing tooth or teeth, your dentist will most likely offer two popular options: inexpensive bridges … Continue reading "Full Mouth Dental Implants" The post Full Mouth Dental Implants appeared first on .

Will Getting Dental Implants Hurt? Naperville Implant Dentistry

The idea of having dental implants placed into your gum tissue and jawbone probably sounds painful. You may even be avoiding the procedure altogether for fear of how much it will hurt. Believe it or not, the entire dental implant process is surprisingly comfortable. Gum disease, tooth decay, and infection all cause more pain than…



Concordia dental coverage

Regional Plans Regional plans provide coverage in designated locations. Dental Insurance Take teeth turning gray of your oral health — and finances Caring for your oral health shouldn’t break the bank. Changes are coming to your benefits in 2019. How can I find out how much I will pay out-of-pocket for a dental coverage? Dental…



I Keep Getting A Toothache On Airplanes! What Does This Mean?

If you’ve recently been on an airplane and your tooth started to hurt, you may be panicking. Why did your tooth start to hurt? Does this mean something is seriously wrong with your mouth? Does this happen to other people? In this blog from the office of Brett Blacher, DDS, we’ll take a look at…

Schulman Study Group Reforms as Member-Owned Orthodontic DSO

The former Schulman Study Group announced it has re-formed as a Dental Support Organization (DSO). Now formally known as SSG Management LLC, and informally as “SG,” the organization is independently owned by its members. According to a press release from the company, each member orthodontist has an equal share in this orthodontic DSO. Members of…

Sabourin dds

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Fascinating Facts About Dental Implant Treatment

Chances are you’ve had at least one cavity in your lifetime. You know what fillings are. You probably even have an artificial crown in your mouth or even a dental implant. What you may not know is that dental implants have been around for thousands of years. It’s true! Some form of artificial tooth was…