What Is Laser Dentistry, and When Is It Used?


Laser dentistry is the use of lasers in oral care, which is growing in popularity due to its versatility and reduction of common side effects. Lasers are changing the way many dentists perform different oral care procedures.

While the technology is still relatively new, it’s being used by more and more dentists who are becoming experienced in the use of lasers for a variety of applications. When can you expect laser technology to be used at your dentist office?

For Reshaping Gum Tissue

Laser dentistry is a common tool used for reshaping gum tissue. Gum tissue may need to be restructured for a variety of reasons: a person may have too much gum tissue covering their teeth such as in gummy smile, or a person may be unhappy with unevenness of their gum tissue.

Dentists have been using laser dentistry to contour the gums in cases such as for patients who suffer from gummy smile [1]. Lasers allow for less bleeding and discomfort following the procedure, making them ideal for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or have concerns about healing time.

For Surgery

Laser dentistry is also more commonly being used for oral surgery, such as to remove tissue for a biopsy for oral cancer. There are a few benefits to using laser technology when it comes to oral surgery.

Lasers can minimize postoperative swelling and pain, such as for procedures like a frenectomy, when the connective tissue in the mouth needs to be lengthened [2]. Lasers help minimize pain, bleeding, and the need for invasive procedures, which many patients can benefit from.

For Root Canals

Dentists have also been using laser technology in root canal therapy as well. In root canal therapy, the nerves in your tooth are removed due to decay or infection, and dentists need to remove all the bacteria and dead tissue inside your tooth during the procedure. Lasers allow dentists to eliminate bacteria in places where traditional tools can’t reach [3]. What this means is that dentists can remove more bacteria and allow for a cleaner root canal to seal and protect your tooth, enhancing the chances of success for your recovery.

Is Your Dentist Experienced with Laser Technology?

The use of lasers in oral applications is growing in popularity, and it’s likely they’ll become even more common in dentistry. Ask your dentist about their experience with laser dentistry and if they offer procedures with this technology at their practice. Laser dentistry can help patients experience less discomfort, a faster healing time, and more effective procedures when it comes to dental services!

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