Traditional Dental X-Rays vs Digital X-Rays: Is One Better?

X-rays have been an essential part of dentistry for decades. Taking these images allows dentists to accurately diagnose and treat problems. Without them, it would be impossible for our Ventura dentist to see inside of and between your teeth, both of which are areas not visible during your routine dental exam. The mid 1980’s saw…

Invisalign Cost 2020

Invisalign has been widely used since 2000. This article will outline the cost of Invisalign in 2020 and what patients can expect regarding overall treatment expenses. Please check our older blog release for more information about the material, cost, pros and cons of clear aligners. The cost of invisalign is very comparable to traditional braces.…

Veneers Cost in 2020

The cost of veneers in the Houston area depends on several factors, but can range from $800 to $2,000 per tooth. In most cases, you’ll want to have veneers placed on all the visible teeth in your smile, so the color and look is uniform. Placing veneers on all your visible teeth can cost between…

The 3 Best Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

You avoid having your picture taken. You cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh. No matter how much you brush, your teeth are still disappointingly dark when you compare them with your friends’ smiles. You’re tired of seeing that dull yellow glow in the mirror. Some studies suggest that having white, appealing teeth…

Cuidado Dental para Veteranos

El cuidado dental es extremadamente importante para todos. Sin embargo, a los veteranos se les puede dificultar encontrar ese cuidado. El Dr. Greg Grillo trabajó como un oficial dental en la Marina Estadounidense y tiene mucha experiencia proporcionando cuidado dental a los veteranos. Dado que el mismo es un veterano, está comprometido a ayudar a…

Golpa G4 Implants Solution: Procedure, Cost & Reviews

You might have thought, “Boy, I wish they could improve and expedite the All-On-4 dental implant process.” I mean, who hasn’t thought that? Well, a new procedure called G4 Implants ... Read more The post Golpa G4 Implants Solution: Procedure, Cost & Reviews appeared first on Authority Dental.

Risks and Problems Associated with “All-on-4” Dental Implants

The risks and problems with All-on-4 dental implants can worry anyone considering implants. Because this type of dental implant procedure is growing in popularity, we’re seeing an increasing number of “problems” arise. Yet, like any medical procedure, there are risks that all patients should fully understand before taking on this procedure. And, a solid dentist…

All-on-4 vs. All-on-6 Dental Implants

Dental implants have been around a long time. Even the earliest humans found ways to replace missing teeth, and the first implants appeared in the Mayan civilization around 600 AD! Lucky for all of us, technology has advanced from the days when they used shells and stones for their implants, and today we have a…

Dr. Daniel Winokur

Dr. Daniel Winokur was born and raised in the small beach town of Spring Lake, New Jersey.  He attended The George Washington University and graduated with honors, earning degrees in Finance and Economics.  In undergrad he played Division I golf and began an internship at one of the largest investment banks on Wall Street. After…

Open Saturday – Omega Dental

Dental Office Open Saturdays Many patients who value their oral health and participate in excellent home care still don’t see a dentist as much as they should. The reason? There’s just not enough time. Most dental offices are only open during the week within the hours that many people work. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for…